Althorp has become a house known across the world. As you walk around this house, you will see the accumulation of paintings, furniture, porcelain and sculpture which have appealed to the tastes of my family over generations. I hope that beyond the art, you will also notice that Althorp is very much a home. The exterior may be forbidding, with its stark tiling; and the park may appear hugh and impressive; but the inside is warm and welcoming.

Next to the house lies the honey-coloured stable block that at one time accommodated up to 100 horses and 40 grooms, a truly breathtaking building that is perhaps, of greater beauty than the House itself. This is the setting for the exhibition celebrating the life of Diana, Princess of Wales and honoring her memory after death. The freshness and modernity of the facilities is a unique tribute to a woman who captivated the world in her all-too-brief existence.

Throughout her time as Princess of Wales, Diana made a stand for causes she truely believed in. These were often difficult issues, which others in her position would have shunned. Yet she chose to address them honestly and courageously.

By coming to Althorp, you are allowing that work to continue, after her death, via her Memorial Fund. All out profits go to the fund this year, as they did last. They are then distributed to those organizations that Diana fought for, or which, in the Trustee's opinion, she would have championed, were she still alive.



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